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You can download the following Heartt Foundation forms and
email them to: volunteercoordinator@hearttfoundation.org
or fax them to: 1-866-309-1898

Scroll down to see frequently asked questions regarding our volunteer program!

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Frequently Asked Questions from HEARTT Volunteers


1. What are the criteria for clinical volunteers?

HEARTT accepts Attendings, and senior level residents in their third and fourth year of training. Residents must be in good standing with their programs and residency with no disciplinary concerns. A minimum of 4 to 6 weeks is required for all resident level personnel. A minimum of 2 weeks is required for all faculty personnel.

2. Which forms/documents do I need to complete to volunteer with HEARTT?

HEART volunteers are required to complete and submit all of the forms thirty days before travelling.

3. What licenses/credentials are needed for HEARTT clinical volunteers?

Clinical volunteers must provide the following supporting documents along with the signed Liberian Medical Board registration form:

      • Medical school diploma
      • Internship (certificate)
      • Evidence of previous licensure by a medical council
      • Evidence of present practicing license
      • Specialty certificate (if any)
      • Curriculum vitae/resume
      • Two (2) passport-sized photos
      • Three (3) letters of recommendation: the school, a medical practitioner, and a non-health professional
      • English translation of documents, if not translated in English
      • Accepting to work under a licensed Liberian doctor not less than five (5) years.

4. Will clinical volunteers have a face-to-face interview with the Liberian Board?

Yes, clinical volunteers will have to sit with the board for an interview before they receive their temporary Liberian license to practice. The interview will take place within 72 hours of your arrival in country.  The board will ask you questions related to tropical medicine and practice within your specialty area as relevant to the local setting.  If you do not read before your rotation and just show up without any knowledge of tropical ID it is possible that you will fail and not be allowed to practice.

5. Where do I send my completed volunteer and LMB forms?

Completed forms and credentialing documents should be faxed to the volunteercoordinator@hearttfoundation.org or fax to 866-309-1898. Please send a notification email to advice that the forms and supporting materials have been faxed.

6. Where do I get the application to apply for my Liberian Visa?

Download and complete the Liberian visa application form from the Embassy of Liberia website.

7. How many pictures are required for the visa application?

Two (2) passport size pictures are needed.

8. How many copies should be mailed?

Application form is to be completed in duplicate (i.e. two copies required).

9. What is the Liberian Embassy address?

Send completed forms with self-addressed return envelope to The Embassy of Liberia, 5201 16th. Street, NW, Washington DC, 20011

10. How long is the visa process?

It takes approximately 3 weeks for the embassy to process visa applications and return passports. If your passport is not back within 3 weeks send an email to volunteercoordinator@hearttfoundation.org to check on the status of your application.

12. Should I include evidence of financial report?

Evidence of financial support is not required for HEARTT participants.

13. Do I need a letter indicating place of accommodation in Liberia?

Letter indicating place of accommodation in Liberia is not required for HEARTT participants.

14. What is the cost/processing fee for my visa?

The visa processing fee is waived for HEARTT participants.

15. What are the names of the contacts for JFK?

The names and address of contacts in Liberia are:

Dr. Wvannie-Mae Scott McDonald and Ms. Vera Cooper
John F. Kennedy Medical Center
Sinkor, Monrovia.

16. What required vaccines are needed to travel to Liberia?

Please visit www.cdc.gov for updated vaccine requirement needed for travel.

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